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Doug Wall, CIE

Thermostat in ON postion

Thermostats set in the "ON" position can equal "MOLD GROWTH"

Humidity Bloom occurs in un noticed areas

In Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island as well of all of Southwest Florida we regularly see mold growth on a home's furniture, cupboards, books etc caused by high humidity (humidity bloom).

Common molds that show up "elevated" in mold air sampling reports from humidity blooms are Aspergillus/Penicillium.

Your AC (HVAC) system not only lowers the home's temperature but removes moisture from the home's interior spaces.  With the fan in the "ON" position the condenser (located outdoors) generally does not run long enough to remove the moisture from the indoor air.  The high humidity (moisture) in the air is absorbed by the drapes, carpet, and furniture and can grow mold.

Mold spores come into the home thru open doors and windows and may even be carried in by people and pets. The spores only grow when they have moisture (food & water).

High humidity is a common problem in Naples homes, just last week we inspected a home with a mold growth problem and an indoor humidity level of 68 to 72%. The fan had been in the "ON" position for several months.  After the fan was switched to the "Auto" position, just 2 days later the average indoor humidity level was 41%.

We encounter this problem several times a month and have for years throughout the Naples, Bonita Springs and Ft Myers areas.

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Having the AC fan in the "ON" position can cause mold growth in attic as well, if the ducts have a joint leak. 

Many, many homes even new home have duct work that the joints are not covered with mastic, a sealant that insulates and glues the joints together.  

Humidity Bloom / mold growth can be under beds or furniture