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Radon Test Results 2013

Homebuyers in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero and Ft Myers are always asking has there been any tests in a certain complex or on a certain street.
We will be posting the radon test results for most of the (our) tests in Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, Ft Myers etc.  Since there will be thousands of test results posted, please be patient.

Elevated radon levels are common in Bonita Springs, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Ft Myers Condos and often found in single family homes.  If the home you plan to buy has an elevated radon level, you should request the seller have a FL DOH certified radon mitigation business  lower the levels below 4.0 pCi/l.

Bonita Springs homebuyers should understand that radon is a cancer causing radioactive gas.  Naples homebuyers should hire a FL DOH certified measurement person that uses a continuous radon monitor rather than just a passive test.  The charge for each is about the same but with a monitor, you receive an hour by hour printout of the radon levels and have less chance that the test is compromised  without you knowing it.

Radon Test results listed for zip codes and/or street and city in Collier and Lee Counties including cities of Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Ft Myers, Marco Island, and some in Cape Coral.

  January  2013
                               City                             Zip Code                     Radon Test Results


Gulf Shore Blvd. N.                         Naples                        34103                                    2.9pCi/l

Bluebill Ave.                                     Naples                       34108                                    12.0pCi/l

Breezeway Ct                                  Estero                        33928                                    2.9pCi/l

Vintage Cir.                                      Naples                       34119                                    16.2pCi/l

Water Oaks Way                            Naples                       34105                                    2.1pCi/l

Meravi Dr.                                        Bonita Springs         34135                                    3.2pCi/l

Hawks Ridge Dr.                             Naples                       34105                                    5.1pCi/l

Jude Island Way                             Naples                       34119                                    4.0pCi/l

Silver Oaks Cir.                                Naples                       34119                                    1.8pCi/l

Siena Way                                        Naples                       34119                                    2.1pCi/l

Green Dolphin Ln.                          Naples                       34102                                    1.2pCi/l

Bravada Way                                   Naples                       34119                                    2.0pCi/l

Bay Colony                                       Naples                       34108                                    2.6pCi/l

Arielle Dr.                                         Naples                       34109                                    4.8pCi/l

Bluebill Ave.                                     Naples                       34108                                    5.3pCi/l

Rivoli Ct                                             Naples                       34105                                    7.6pCi/l

Monterey Point                              Naples                       34105                                    6.8pCi/l

Sandy Creek Ter.                            Bonita Springs         34135                                    1.4pCi/l

Orchid Ridge Ln.                             Bonita Springs         34135                                    1.6pCi/l

Pepper Tree Way                           Naples                       34114                                    1.9pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                   Naples                       34105                                    4.3pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                   Naples                       34105                                    2.3pCi/l

Monteey Pt.                                     Naples                       34105                                    2.7pCi/l

Imperial Golf Course Blvd.           Naples                       34110                                    4.2pCi/l

Sivon Way                                        Naples                       34119                                    2.6pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. S.                         Naples                       34102                                    1.2pCi/l

12 Ave S.                                          Naples                       34102                                    3.8pCi/l

Dunes Blvd.                                      Naples                       34110                                    10.9pCi/l

Naples Heritage Dr.                       Naples                       34112                                    3.7pCi/l

Spotted Fawn Ct.                           Ft. Myers                  33908                                    2.7pCi/l

Prescott Ln.                                      Naples                       34119                                    1.5pCi/l

Brant Pt. Cir.                                    Ft. Myers                  33919                                    9.7pCi/l

Rivoli Ct.                                            Naples                       34105                                    2.6pCi/l

W. Crown Pt. Blvd.                          Naples                       34112                                    2.2pci/l

Freeport Ln.                                     Naples                       34119                                    2.0pCi/l

West Bay Blvd.                                Estero                        33928                                    1.0pCi/l

Meravi Dr.                                        Bonita Springs         34135                                    2.5pCi/l

Smokehouse Bay Dr.                     Naples                       34120                                    4.4pCi/l                                                                                            


Radon Test results for tests done in Naples or Bonita Springs are reported in picocuries per liter ( pCi/L).


 Homeowners and Homebuyers in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero and Ft Myers should be aware that: The USEPA and Florida DOH states that a home or condo with an average radon level of 4.0 pCi/l or higher should be mitigated.  Florida state radon office (800) 543-8279

 February  2013
                            City                             Zip Code                     Radon Test Results


Annunciation Cir.                                Immokalee                  34142                          5.0pCi/l

Porta Vecchio Way                             Naples                         34110                          1.4pCi/l

Grenier                                                N. Ft. Myers                33903                          1.3pCi/l

Annunciation Cir.                                Immokalee                  34142                          3.8pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N.                              Naples                         34103                          1.1pCi/l

Carrington Cir.                                     Naples                         34105                          8.2pCi/l

Escalante Way                                    Bonita Springs             34135                          1.7pCi/l

Gleneagle Way                                   Naples                         34120                          1.1pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          1.6pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          4.1pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          2.3pCi/l

Riviera Dr.                                           Naples                         34103                          3.7pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          2.5pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          2.0pCi/l

Freeport Ln                                         Naples                         34119                          2.2pCi/l

Castillo Ct                                            Naples                         34109                          4.5pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          2.6pCi/l

Brant Pt. Cir.                                       Ft. Myers                     33919                          2.9pCi/l

Excalibur Cir.                                      Naples                         34108                          5.5pCi/l

Barcarmil Way                                    Naples                         34110                          1.1pci/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          2.1pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          0.9pCi/l

Silverstrand Dr.                                   Naples                         34110                          2.3pCi/l

10th Ave. S.                                          Naples                         34102                          2.7pCi/l

Tiger Lily Dr.                                       Naples                         34113                          3.1pCi/l

Kent St.                                                Naples                         34109                          3.0pCi/l

Annunciation Cir.                                Immokalee                  34142                          4.6pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          0.8pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          2.4pCi/l

18th Ave. S.                                          Naples                         34102                          1.5pCi/l

Los Altos Ct                                         Naples                         34109                          2.2pCi/l

Menlo Rd.                                           Ft. Myers                     33901                          2.1pCi/l

Island Pond Ct.                                    Bonita Springs             34134                          3.6pCi/l

Hollybrier Ln.                                      Bonita Springs             34134                          1.3pCi/l

Heritage Bay Blvd.                              Naples                         34120                          7.3pCi/l

Chula Vista St.                                     Naples                         34113                          2.2pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          1.9pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          3.9pCi/l

Napoli Way                                         Bonita Springs             34134                          3.0pCi/l

Island Pond Ct.                                    Naples                         34134                          2.9pSi/l

Hammock Isles Dr.                              Naples                         34119                          2.9pCi/l

Winding Oaks Way                             Naples                         34109                          2.6pCi/l

Grande Way                                        Naples                         34110                          7.3pCi/l

Riviera Dr.                                           Naples                         34103                          2.6pCi/l

Tarpon Cove Dr.                                  Naples                         34110                          1.5pCi/l                                                          

After performing thousands of radon tests in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Ft Myers, we believe about one out of four condo's have elevated radon.  REALLY common on 1st floor units.  Consumers should remember elevated radon levels should be treated as just another home repair.


Crestview Way                                    Naples                         34119                          4.3pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                                       Naples                         34105                          4.3pCi/l

Imperial Golf Course Blvd                  Naples                         34110                          3.4pCi/l

Collier Reserve Dr.                             Naples                         34110                          1.9pCi/l

Lake Forest Dr.                                    Bonita Springs             34134                          12.8pCi/l

Marguesa Royal Ln.                            Naples                         34109                          4.8pCi/l

Rosemeade Ln.                                   Naples                         34105                          2.6pCi/l

Pelican Bay Blvd.                                Naples                         34108                          3.2pCi/l

Fairway Ct.                                          Naples                         34110                          3.4pCi/l

Woodlyn Dr.                                        Bonita Springs             34134                          2.4pCi/l

Bulrush Ln.                                          Naples                         34105                          1.5pCi/l

 March  2013
                       City                             Zip Code                     Radon Test Results


Cassia                                      Bonita Springs                         34134                          2.4pCi/l

Lake Forest dr.                        Bonita Springs                         34134                          11.7pCo/l

Satinleaf Rd. S.                        Naples                                     34109                          3.1pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N                   Naples                                     34103                          1.0pCi/l

Clarkston Dr.                           Bonita Springs                         34135                          3.3pCi/l

Bay Colony Dr.                        Naples                                     34108                          2.5pCi/l

Tierra Lago Way                     Naples                                     34119                          2.6pCi/l

Cove Towers Dr.                     Naples                                     34110                          1.6pCi/l

Pelican Bay Blvd.                    Naples                                     34108                          1.1pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                           Naples                                     34105                          1.7pCi/l

Heritage Bay Blvd.                  Naples                                     34120                          5.3pCi/l

Wedgewood Dr.                      Bonita Springs                         34134                          0.8pci/l

Sterling Oaks Dr.                     Naples                                     34110                          0.9pCi/l

Pirates Bright                          Naples                                     34103                          2.2pCi/l

Lake Forest Dr.                        Bonita Springs                         34135                          15.2pCi/l

Indigo Bush Way                     Naples                                     34105                          2.9pCi/l

Osprey Nest Ct.                       Bonita Springs                         34134                          3.7pCi/l

Autumn Breeze Dr.                 Bonita Springs                         34135                          6.3pCi/l

Sandy Hollow Ln.                     Bonita Springs                         34135                          0.5pCi/l

Saraceno Dr.                           Estero                                      33928                          0.5pCi/l

Frank Rd.                                 Ft. Myers                                 33920                          1.4pCi/l

Flagship Dr.                             Naples                                     34108                          2.5pCi/l

Isla Vista Ln.                            Naples                                     34105                          1.1pCi/l

Whimbrel Watch Ln.               Naples                                     34109                          2.6pCi/l

Sweetwater Ln.                       Naples                                     34110                          1.6pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                           Naples                                     34105                          4.8pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                           Naples                                     34105                          1.8pCi/l

Glacier Ct.                               Naples                                     34119                          1.4pCi/l

Burning Tree Dr.                     Naples                                     34105                          0.6pCi/l

Monterey pt.                           Naples                                     34105                          3.3pCi/l

Cypress Trace Cir.                   Naples                                     34119                          5.0pCi/l

14th Ave S.                               Naples                                     34102                          1.1pCi/l

Pelican Sound Dr.                    Estero                                      33928                          2.1pCi/l

Goby Trail                               Bonita Springs                         34135                          3.2pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                           Naples                                     34105                          1.4pCi/l

Monterey pt.                           Naples                                     34105                          4.0pCi/l

Castillo Ct.                               Naples                                     34109                          1.4pCi/l

Marblestone Dr.                     Naples                                     34120                          4.5pCi/l

Rialto Way                              Naples                                     34114                          3.3pCi/l

Autumn Breeze Dr.                 Bonita Springs                         34135                          3.9pCi/l

Banyan Cir.                             Naples                                     34102                          0.9pCi/l

Jasmine Lake Cir.                    Naples                                     34119                          2.8pCi/l

Sunny Slope Dr.                       Naples                                     34119                          2.4pCi/l

Winding Oaks Way                 Naples                                     34119                          3.9pCi/l

Goldcrest Dr.                           Bonita Springs                         34134                          0.8pCi/l

Ivory Cane Pt.                          Naples                                     34119                          0.8pCi/l

Bellino Terrace                       Bonita Springs                         34135                          2.4pCi/l

Heron Lane                             Naples                                     34110                          0.9pCi/l

Mercano  Ct.                           Bonita Springs                         34134                          8.4pCi/l

San Lucas Ln.                           Bonita Springs                         34135                          2.1pCi/l

3rd Ave. S.                                Naples                                     34102                          1.5pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                           Naples                                     34105                          3.8pCi/l

Pelican Bay Blvd.                    Naples                                     34108                          1.8pCi/l

Grenadier Blvd.                       Naples                                     34108                          2.5pCi/l

Eagle Ridge Dr.                       Ft. Myers                                 33912                          13.5pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N.                  Naples                                     34103                          13.9pCi/l

Brendisi Way                           Bonita Springs                         34135                          1.5pCi/l                      



                                                                      April 2013

                                           City                                         Zip Code                    Results

 6th Street                          Bonita Springs                         34134                          1.0pCi/l

 Naples Heritage Dr.       Naples                                     34112                          3.3pCi/l

Sherborn Dr.                  Naples                                     34110                          16.1pCi/l

 Sand Creek Ter.           Bonita Springs                         34135                          5.9pCi/l

Tiger Lily Dr.                  Naples                                     34113                          3.7pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          4.1pCi/l

 Marbella Ln.                  Naples                                     34105                          1.2pCi/l

 Excalibur Cir.                 Naples                                     34108                          1.0pCi/l

 Quails Nest Rd.                Naples                                     34112                          0.9pCi/l

 Quails Nest Rd.                Naples                                     34112                          8.2pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.2pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.0pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.0pCi/l

Arielle Dr.                      Naples                                     34109                          2.0pCi/l

 W. Crown Pt. Blvd          Naples                                     34112                          2.3pCi/l

 Hamlet Dr.                     Naples                                     34105                          1.5pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          1.9pCi/l

 Muirfield Dr.                  Naples                                     34109                          2.4pCi/l

 N. Barfield Dr.                  Marco Island                           34145                          1.0pCi/l

 5th Ave. SW                     Naples                                     34117                          2.2pCi/l

Winged Foot Ct.             Naples                                     34112                          4.7pCi/l

South Golf Dr.                  Naples                                     34102                          2.2pCi/l

 Montery Pt.                    Naples                                     34105                          4.7pCi/l

 Marbella Dr.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.0pCi/l

 Indies Way                       Naples                                     34110                          2.2pCi/l

 Hatteras Way                 Naples                                     34119                          2.5pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.7pCi/l

 Les Chateaux Blvd.         Naples                                     34109                          1.2pCi/l

 Hollybriar Lane                Naples                                     34108                          0.6pCi/l

 Lake Forest Dr.               Naples                                     34134                          10.8pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.2pCi/l

 Quail Nest Rd.                  Naples                                     34112                          6.8pCi/l

 Bluebill Ave.                       Naples                                     34108                          5.1pCi/l

 Whimbrel Watch           Naples                                     34109                          1.5pCi/l

 Divot Ct.                         Naples                                     34113                          0.8pCi/l

 Delano St.                       Naples                                     34113                          2.5pCi/l

 Bay Colony Dr.               Naples                                     34108                          3.2pCi/l

 Les Chateaux Blvd.         Naples                                     34109                          0.5pCi/l

 Gulf Shore Blvd.N.          Naples                                     34103                          1.3pCi/l

 Marbella Ln.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.5pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.7pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.5pCi/l

 Tiger Lily dr.                   Naples                                     34113                          1.0pCi/l

 Lambton Ln.                     Naples                                     34104                          2.6pCi/l

 Mallory Ct.                       Naples                                     34110                          2.1pCi/l

 Jarvis Ln.                                    Naples                                     34119                          1.3pCi/l

    Ft Myers,                FL             33912      3.7  pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       3.0 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912       2.7 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912        3.4 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912        6.8 pCi/l

               Ft Myers,                FL             33912        7.0 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912        <0.3 pCi/l


 Montery Pt.                    Naples                                     34105                          4.2pCi/l

 Gulf Shore Blvd. N.         Naples                                     34103                          4.2pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.0pCi/l

 Horizon Ln.                     Naples                                     34109                          6.1pCi/l

 Montery pt.                    Naples                                     34105                          1.1pCi/l

 Pebble Creek Cir.           Naples                                     34108                          8.1pCi/l

Barcarmil Way                 Naples                                     34110                          1.1pCi/l

Alden Wood Cir.             Naples                                     34113                          7.7pCi/l

 Shady Oaks Ln.               Naples                                     34119                          0.6pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          4.5pCi/l

 Leeward Ct.                      Naples                                     34145                          2.0pCi/l

 Pelican Bay Blvd.           Naples                                     34108                          2.4pCi/l

 Josefa  Way                    Naples                                     34114                          3.0pCi/l

 SW 37th Ln.                       Cape Coral                              33914                          2.5pCi/l

 Birchwood Ln.              Ft. Myers                                 33908                          0.5pCi/l

Shinnecock Hills Ct.        Naples                                     34112                          1.4pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Bonita Springs                         34105                          10.9pCi/l

 Sunnyslope Dr.               Naples                                     34119                          5.9pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                  Naples                                     34105                          3.5pCi/l

 Lake Forest Dr.               Bonita Springs                         34134                          1.4pCi/l

Marquesta Royale Ln.    Naples                                     34109                          2.3pCi/l

 99th Ave. N.                       Naples                                     34108                          0.7pCi/l




April 2013

                       City                    Zip Code                    Results

 Eagle Ridge Dr     Ft Myers,                FL             33912      0.5 pCi/l

               Ft Myers,                FL             33912       0.6 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912       2.9 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       2.6 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       8.7 pCi/l

               Ft Myers,                FL             33912      9.4  pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       19.3 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       16.4 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912      14.6  pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       14.7 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       15.9 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       20.4 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912       15.6 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912       14.1 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912       5.1  pCi/l

               Ft Myers,                FL             33912       5.6  pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912       5.4 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912       5.1 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       8.3 pCi/l

                 Ft Myers,                FL             33912       9.6 pCi/l

                Ft Myers,                FL             33912       2.0 pCi/l

               Ft Myers,                FL             33912       2.4 pCi/l


 May 2013 Radon Test results in Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers area 
                                     City                    Zip Code                    Results 

Wedge Dr.                   Naples                         34103                          1.3pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.              Naples                         34105                          2.8pCi/l

 Deerwood Ct.             Bonita Springs             34134                          1.8pCi/l

Pelican Bay Blvd.        Naples                         34108                          0.8pCi/l

Dunes Blvd                  Naples                         34110                          4.4pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples                         34105                          3.7pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.              Naples                         34105                          3.5pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.              Naples                         34105                          3.7pCi/l

 Sandel Wood Cir.       Ft. Myers                     33908                          5.1pCi/l

Glen Lake Cir.             Naples                         34119                          2.9pCi/l

 Dockside Dr.               Naples                         34110                          2.1pCi/l

 San Lucas Ln.              Bonita Springs             34135                          13.3pCi/l

 Mustang Island Cir.    Naples                         34113                          3.4pCi/l

 Island Rd.                   Ft. Myers                     33905                          2.9pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.              Naples                         34105                          4.3pCi/l

 Marbella Ct.               Bonita Springs             34134                          3.0pCi/l

 Forest Glen Blvd.        Naples                         34114                          19.4pCi/l

 Bay Colony Dr.           Naples                         34108                          4.0pCi/l

 Dockside Dr.               Naples                         34110                          4.6pCi/l

Marbella Ln.               Bonita Springs             34134                          3.1pCi/l

 Isla ciudad Ct.              Naples                         34109                          3.2pCi/l

 Hampshire Ct.              Naples                         34112                          12.9pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.              Naples                         34105                          3.4pCi/l

 Yellow Poplar             Ft. Myers                     33913                          4.0pCi/l

 Altessa Way               Bonita Springs             34135                          0.5pCi/l

 Sunnyslope Dr.           Naples                         34119                          1.4pCi/l

Collier Blvd.                Marco Island               34145                          2.3pCi/l

 Pelican Bay Blvd.       Naples                         34108                          4.3pCi/l

 Coco Plum Ln.            Naples                         34119                          1.2pCi/l

 Mandarin Rd.             Naples                         34102                          0.5pCi/l

Les Chateaux Blvd.      Naples                         34109                          2.9pCi/l

Morning Sun Ln.          Naples                         34119                          2.2pCi/l

Sawgrass Pt.                Bonita Springs             34134                          20.1pCi/l

 Egrets Landing Dr.     Bonita Springs             34134                          10.6pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.              Naples                         34105                          2.1pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples                         34105                          2.5pCi/l

 Corfu Ct.                     Naples                         34114                          2.0pCi/l

 Hidden River Ct.         Bonita Springs             34134                          1.5pCi/l

San Sebastian Way      Naples                         34109                          1.6pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N.      Naples                         34103                          3.2pCi/l

 Josefa Way                 Naples                         34114                          1.1pCi/l

 Wintercress Dr.          Bonita Springs             34134                          2.7pci/l

 Saratoga Dr.               Naples                         34113                          0.7pCi/l

 Bayhead Dr.               Bonita Springs             34134                          3.9pCi/l

 Gray Ct.                      Marco Island               34145                          1.7pCi/l

Eagle Ridge Dr.           Ft. Myers                     33912                          1.6pCi/l

Carradale Ct.              Naples                         34120                          5.3pCi/l



                                                                   June 2013

                            City                    Zip Code                    Results

 Atluras St.                               Naples                         34113                          2.1pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N                   Naples                         34103                          3.1pCi/l

 Heathery Ln.                          Naples                         34108                          1.9pCi/l

 Olympic Dr                             Naples                         34105                          1.7pci/l

 Tabago                                   Naples                         34119                          4.2pCi/l

 Pelican Bay Blvd.                   Naples                         34108                          0.6pCi/l

Pelican Bay Blvd.                    Naples                         34108                          2.4pCi/l

 St. Andrews Blvd.                   Naples                         34113                          3.1pCi/l

 Josefa Way                             Naples                         34114                          5.4PCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          0.6pCi/l

 Ironstone Ter.                                    Naples                         34120                          23.4pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                           Naples                         34105                          2.9pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          2.9pCi/l

 Miramonte Way                    Naples                         34105                          1.1pCi/l

 Jamaica Rd.                            Marco Island               34145                          0.8pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          3.5pCi/l

Egrets Walk Cir.                      Naples                         34108                          1.6pCi/l

 Pelican Bay Blvd.                   Naples                         34108                          5.6pCi/l

 Bonita Fairway Blvd.              Bonita Springs             34135                          15.8pCi/l

 Luisa Ln.                                 Naples                         34104                          1.4pCi/l

 Manchester Ln.                      Naples                         34109                          5.3pCi/l

 27th Ave.         SW                  Naples                         34113                          1.8pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          4.5pCi/l

 Collingswood Ave.                  Marco Island               34145                          1.0pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. S.                  Naples                         34102                          0.5pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          3.0pCi/l

 Sandel Wood Cir.                   Ft. Myers                     33908                          1.3pCi/l

 W. Lake Dr.                            Naples                         34102                          2.7pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          4.0pCi/l

 Troia Dr.                                 Estero                          33928                          1.9pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. S.                  Naples                         34102                          2.3pCi/l

 Buttomwood Way                  Naples                         34112                          2.2pCi/l

Grenadier Blvd.                       Naples                         34108                          8.3pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N.                  Naples                         34103                          4.9pCi/l

Avellino Isles Cir.                    Naples                         34119                          2.3pCi/l

 Eagle Ridge Dr.                      Ft. Myers                     33912                          5.4pCi/l

 Gulf Shore Blvd. N.                 Naples                         34108                          2.3pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N.                  Naples                         34108                          1.3pCi/l

 Aberdeen Ln.                          Naples                         34109                          9.6pCi/l

Heritage Bay Blvd.                  Naples                         34120                          6.1pCi/l

 Collier’s Reserve Dr.              Naples                         34110                          1.3pCi/l

Alturas St.                                Naples                         34113                          4.2pCi/l

 Neopolitian Way                    Naples                         34103                          2.9pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          3.3pCi/l

Nicholas Blvd.                         Naples                         34108                          0.7pCi/l

Flagship Dr.                             Naples                         34108                          8.1pCi/l

Terra Vista Ln.                         Naples                         34105                          2.0pCi/l

 Gulf Shore Blvd. N.                 Naples                         34102                          1.7pCi/l

 Waterleaf Ct.                         Marco Island               34145                          1.7pCi/l

 San Marino Dr.                       Naples                                    34108                          3.9pCi/l

Piedmont Dr.                           Naples                         34104                          3.2pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          3.1pCi/l

 Monterey Pt.                          Naples                         34105                          3.3pCi/l

 Meravi Dr.                             Bonita Springs             34135                          2.6pCi/l

 Marbella Ln.                          Naples                         34105                          3.4pCi/l







                                                                       July 2013


Monterey Pt.                          Naples                       34105             2.4pCi/l

Marbella Ln.                          Naples                       34105             4.5pCi/l

Lake Shore Place                Naples                       34103             0.5pCi/l

Millstone Cir.                         Ft. Myers                    33908             9.9pCi/l

Via Garibaldi Cir.                  Estero                         33928             1.0pCi/l

Borghese Ln.                         Naples                       34114             1.3pCi/l

Hatteras Way                        Naples                       34119             2.3pCi/l

Vista Garden Way                Naples                       34112             3.2pCi/l

Vista Garden Way                Naples                       34112             3.6pCi/l

Great Egret Tr.                      Naples                       34105             1.6pCi/l

Heritage Bay Blvd.               Naples                       34120             30.3pCi/l

Glen Cove Dr.                       Naples                       34108             1.9pCi/l

Yorkstone Dr.                        Bonita Springs         34135             3.6pCi/l

Xelda Acres                          Lehigh Acres                        33971             3.9pCi/l

Lagoon Dr.                            N. Ft. Myers               33903             1.3pCi/l

Nicholas Blvd.                      Naples                       34108             2.7pCi/l

Tuscany Way                        Bonita Springs         34134             0.6pCi/l

Mustang Island Cir.             Naples                       34113             1.7pCi/l

Reserve Estates Dr.             Bonita Springs         34135             0.9pCi/l

Michael Cir.                           Naples                       34113             13.6pCi/l

4th Street S.                           Naples                       34102             0.5pCi/l

Indigo Lake Cir.                    Naples                       34119             1.6pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                          Naples                       34105             5.2pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N.             Naples                       34103             2.6pCi/l

Tanbark Dr.                           Naples                       34108             1.0pCi/l

Pelican Colony Blvd.             Bonita Springs         34134             3.1pCi/l

Pompano Dr.                        Naples                       34110             1.1pCi/l

Via Bella Aqua Ct.               Ft. Myers                    33913             3.3pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                          Naples                       34105             4.3pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                          Naples                       34105             2.6pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                          Naples                       34105             3.8pCi/l

Satinleaf Rd.                         Naples                       34109             2.4pCi/l

Rainbow Meadows Ct.        Ft. Myers                    33908             0.6pCi/l

Seagrove St.                         Estero                         33928             3.6pCi/l

Oleander Gate Dr.                Naples                       34109             2.1pCi/l

Monterey Pt.                          Naples                       34105             2.7pCi/l

S. Town and River Dr.         Ft. Myers                    33919             0.7pCi/l

Tiburon Blvd. E.                   Naples                       34109             2.2pCi/l

Southbridge Dr.                    Ft. Myers                    33967             1.8pCi/l



Radon Test results mostly from the Naples area for the month of

   October 2013


Monterey Pt.               Naples             34105              0.8pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples             34105              4.6pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples             34105              0.7pCi/l

Heritage Bay Blvd.      Naples             34120              2.4pCi/l

Vintage Circle             Naples             34119              2.1pCi/l

Brendisi Way               Naples             34110              1.8pCi/l

Grenadier Blvd.           Naples             34108              4.4pCi/l

2nd Ave. N.                   Naples             34102              1.2pCi/l

Upolo Ln.                     Naples             34119              0.7pCi/l

Heritage Bay Blvd.      Naples             34120              13.3pCi/l

Seagate Dr.                 Naples             34103              2.6pCi/l

Avellino Isles Cir         Naples             34119              0.8pCi/l

Carrick Bend Cir.        Naples             34110              9.7pCi/l

Knightwing Cir.           Ft. Myers         33912              1.6pCi/l

Henley Dr.                   Naples             34104              1.2pCi/l

Stratford Dr.                Naples             34104              1.8pCi/l

3rd Ave. N.                   Naples             34102              4.7pCi/l

Pelican Bay Blvd.        Naples             34108              1.7pCi/l

Indies Way                  Naples             34110              0.5pCi/l

Meyer Dr.                   Naples             34120              1.1pCi/l

Erick Lake Dr.              Naples             34109              3.8pCi/l

San Vista Cir.               Naples             34109              2.9pCi/l

Residence Cir.             Naples             34105              5.0pCi/l

Tiburon Blvd.               Naples             34109              6.6pCi/l

Residence Cir.             Naples             34105              3.0pCi/l

98th Ave. N.                  Naples             34108              2.3pCi/l

Palmer Ct.                   Naples             34113              4.7pCi/l

Wilson Blvd. N.            Naples             34120              2.9pCi/l

Triangle Palm Ter.      Naples             34119              1.2pCi/l

Eastlake Ct.                 Pt. Charlotte    33948              0.5pCi/l

Allegheny Ct.               Naples             34120              3.1pCi/l

10th Street S.                Naples             34102              5.6pCi/l

Nov. 2013


Village Walk Cir.         Bonita Springs             34135              3.6pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples                         34105              2.2pCi/l

Egrets Walk Cir.          Naples                         34108              2.2pCi/l

Tiburon Blvd.               Naples                         34109              11.0pCi/l

Bay Colony                  Naples                         34108              1.2pCi/l

Estero Blvd.                 Ft. Myers                     33931              0.6pCi/l

Estero Blvd.                 Ft. Myers                     33931              4.6pCi/l

Palo Verde Dr.             Naples                         34119              1.9pCi/l

Gulfshore Blvd. N.       Naples                         34103              0.5pCi/l

Tiburon Blvd.               Naples                         34109              0.5pCi/l

Southhampton Dr.       Bonita Springs             34135              0.5pCi/l

Gulf Shore Blvd. N.      Naples                         34103              2.4pCi/l

Lynwood Ave.              Ft. Myers                     33901              0.5pCi/l

Bay Colony                  Naples                         34108              0.5pCi/l

Southhampton Dr.       Bonita Springs             34135              2.6pCi/l

Sterling Greens Dr.     Naples                         34104              19.5pCi/l

Palm Cir. E.                 Naples                         34102              2.0pCi/l

Heritage Bay Blvd.      Naples                         34120              8.8pCi/l

SE 2nd Ave.                   Cape Coral                  33904              2.6pCi/l

Gulf Shore Dr.             Naples                         34108              2.4pCi/l

Cape Marco Dr.          Marco Island               34145              5.9pCi/l

Huntington Lakes        Naples                         34119              5.0pCi/l

First st.                          Ft. Myers                     33901              2.3pCi/l

Via Castella                 Bonita Springs             34134              1.9pCi/l

Carrington Cir.              Naples                         34105              0.5pCi/l          


 Dec 2013


Gulf Shore Blvd. N.      Naples                         34103              0.5pCi/l

Admiralty Parade E.    Naples                         34102              2.0pCi/l

Pelican Sound Dr.        Estero                          33928              1.2pCi/l

Mandeville dr.             Bonita Springs             34134              1.7pCi/l

St. Croix Ln.                 Naples                         34109              15.2pCi/l

52nd Ave. NE                Naples                         34120              3.5pCi/l

Isla De Palma Cir.       Naples                         34119              0.5pCi/l

Cedar Tree Ln.            Naples                         34116              2.0pCi/l

Peppermint Ln.           Naples                         34112              0.5pCi/l

Pompano Dr.               Naples                         34110              2.8pCi/l

Hilo St. W                    Naples                         34113              0.5pCi/l

Cape Marco Dr.          Marco Island               34145              4.5pCi/l

Kingfish Rd.                 Naples                         34102              1.5pCi/l

Spyglass Ln.                 Naples                         34102              3.2pCi/l

Satinleaf Rd. N.           Naples                         34109              4.8pCi/l

Hammock Greens       Estero                          33928              1.2pCi/l

Island Cove                  Naples                         34105              2.1pCi/l

Waterside Dr.             Bonita Springs             34134              2.5pCi/l

Shady Knoll                  Bonita Springs             34134              0.5PcI/L

Galleon Dr.                  Naples                         34102              2.0pCi/l

Lakeview Isles Ct.        Ft. Myers                     33905              3.1pCi/l

Edgemont Dr.              Ft. Myers                     33908              2.1pCi/l

Sway Dr.                      Ft. Myers                     33919              0.5pCi/l

Fulmar Ct.                   Naples                         34119              2.0pCi.l

32nd Ave. S.                  Naples                         34102              5.3pCi/l

Missions Dr.                Naples                         34109              3.7pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples                         34105              1.9pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples                         34105              2.8pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples                         34105              2.4pCi/l

Monterey Pt.               Naples                         34105              2.1pCi/l

 First Naples condo radon test levels went from 0.0 pCi/l to 8.1pCi/l  and back to zero and back up. Did someone leave a door or window open and compromise the first test?


It is important that everyone involved with a radon test understand that the home must be in “closed house conditions” 12 hours before and during the short term radon test (minimum of 48 hours).

First radon test performed by XXX radon measurement business in Naples Condo was unusual, second test performed by us was typical or normal. 

Good morning
I am able to speak of radon and its occurrence generally, but any specific home or building will have unique characteristics that can only be determined by testing over different times to account for variations in building pressures, ventilation rates, occupant behavior and the weather. I can assess the test performed by Doug Wall and have the ability to talk specifics there, but you would need to contact (other measurement business) about the first test as I have no knowledge other than your brief description here.

Indoor radon concentrations are a combination of the source strength, preferred pathways, ventilation rates, and air pressures. In most of the US, buildings have a negative pressure in the lower portions which draws soil gas into the structure. This situation often creates fluctuations, sometimes significantly, during a 24 hour period where the radon is at its highest in the wee hours of the morning, falling through the afternoon and then begins rising again as the sun angle declines. This diurnal pattern will also have season trends as the main driving force is the outdoor temperature because the house is essentially acting like a chimney. Rain and wind can compound the pressures or in some cases, cause the radon to rise or suddenly drop for several hours at a time.

In Florida and other Southeastern cities, we see radon emanating out of the concrete-based structures, which can indeed build up to beyond EPA's radon Action Level (4 pCi/L). These situations are typically influenced less by the weather as the main mechanism is the ventilation rate, often measured in terms of air exchanges per hour. What I normally see in a concrete condominium is a steady radon concentration that does not show the cycling that I described above, as the fluctuations are typically caused by the occupants entering or leaving the unit, which is OK as long as the doors are closed behind them. If a concrete condo is ventilated to air the place out, the radon will fall to nearly nothing and when closed up again there is a very slow, steady rise in the radon that can often take 2-3 days to finally plateau. When the units are not ventilated and closed, I expect to see a very steady radon concentration during the test.

When I look at the test that Doug Wall performed for you, I see a very steady radon concentration and a very steady indoor temperature. This does not seem to indicate tampering with the environment and may be a valid test. I cannot know for sure however, since I am in Western NC and cannot know more than what the machine and the measurement technician tells me. At this point, everything looks fine on test #2.

Now the tricky part. The radon program in Florida is administered by the Department of Health. They make the rules that Mr Wall and I are required to follow. It is the policy of the FL DOH that during a real estate transaction, the first radon test is the one used to determine the need for mitigation, not the second (or third) one. The reason is so someone with a vested interest in the results may be tempted to alter the environment on there is knowledge of elevated radon during the first test.  The DOH position is based upon the US EPA's Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon, which also says to test once and if all of the protocols were followed, fix then the readings are 4 pCi/L or higher. I offer this as a historical perspective, not in an accusational way because I have no idea which party you are in this transaction.

Elaborating on this thought just a bit further, there are cases where the initial test is indeed invalid and should be thrown completely out. Examples of this include, but are not necessarily limited to: machine malfunction, protocol violations (either due to the professional's placement error or occupants violating closed-building protocols), devices being out of calibration range, and extreme or unusually severe weather. The weather statement is tricky however, and what is normal is Wyoming, isn't normal in New York nor in South Florida. An afternoon thunderstorm can happen in any of the three location examples of course, but a 2 inch rain in Wyoming might be deemed far more extreme than any of the states along the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical storm remnants that produce 8 inches of rain and 40 mph winds isn't that normal though and could probably be a cause to throw a test out. The harder part is exactly knowing where the lines fall. I have clients that are asked to invalidate tests because it sprinkled, but that is definitely not severe or extreme, even in Phoenix. So the larger question in my mind is whether the first test shows machine malfunction, protocol problems, or extreme weather? I don't know the answer, but these are the questions that arise in my mind.

I may suggest that you look at the weather history for your area which is available at The Weather Underground website to see if there was something truly extreme going on during the first test. A call to (other measurement business) may also be helpful to understand whether the pattern they see on the first test is a typical test from South Florida.

Shawn Price


Radon Testing in Naples, Ft Myers including Bonita Springs, Marco Island and Estero has become quite common in a Real Estate transaction. New homes and condos in Naples should have a radon test as well as used homes.  If the home has a radon mitigation system, it behooves the buyer to have a radon test to make sure the system is operating properly. 

Our Experienced professionals have served Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers, Cape Coral and all of Southwest Florida since 1999.  ALL of our Mold Assessors are Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE).

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John Cosgrove, CIE  has proven his ability to solve Naples homeowners and businesses mold concerns by identifying the problem and then the  source of the mold contamination. His detailed reports with recommendations for corrections not only benefit the homeowner but the remediation company. Remediators know what to cleanup with his mold reports.

State of Florida licensed Mold Assessor MRSA763

 Greg Gomez, CIE
Greg’s knowledge of the national standards for mold cleanup “S520” and his 9 years of experience as a Naples indoor air quality professional allow him to write detailed recommendations for any mold cleanup.  Any mold remediation should follow accepted industry standards to protect the consumer.

State of Florida Licensed Mold Inspector # 2

 Doug Wall, CIE
Long time North Naples resident Doug Wall has performed radon tests for residential and comercial projects and mold sampling (tests) and assessments in Naples and throughout Southwest Florida for residential and commercial properties since 1999.

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